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Effortless YouTube and Social Growth with your own world-class content team.

Access the strategies, actors and editors that help you achieve your YouTube and social goals faster.

Effortless YouTube and Social Growth with your own world-class content team.

Trusted by Over 125 Clients worldwide

"In just four months, our channel went from zero to over 100,000 highly targeted views, thanks to the exceptional expertise of this team. Not only did we witness a surge in views, but the leads generated exceeded our expectations, hitting the 8,000 mark. This team knows how to make waves in the male supplements industry. If you're looking to boost your authority, they're the ones to trust."

Matt StokesMale Supplements Niche

“In less than seven months, our channel skyrocketed to 160,000 views. We're now hitting over 2,000 views daily. Content Epic got us a presence in a competitive niche, fostering ongoing engagement and success. Trust them to navigate you through the complexities of the crypto and finance world!”

Chris ManningCrypto and Finance Niche

“This year, our channel reached 1,200,000 views. What's more impressive is the daily consistency—we're now hitting 1,500 views every day. The content is not just entertaining; it's tailored to what our audience wants, ensuring ongoing engagement and, in turn, reliable monthly Ad Revenue.”

Becky WuKids’ Entertainment Niche

“Partnering with this team for our e-commerce store has been a game-changer. Their product demo videos have transformed the way we present our passport holder products to our audience. These videos showcase the product specifications and functionalities in such detail and clarity that our sales have seen a notable uptick."

Dieu NguyenEcommerce Store Owner

“Working with Content Epic has been an absolute game-changer for us. Despite uploading only two videos per month focused on learning Spanish and French, we've managed to generate a consistent affiliate revenue of $800 every month. Each upload doesn't just teach; it engages and converts, leading to significant affiliate earnings.”

Nick TaylorLanguage Learning Niche

We have used ContentEpic for a range of video services, including creating service offering videos, producing faceless YouTube content, and editing our product review roundup videos. Their exceptional attention to detail and ability to grasp our objectives with minimal guidance from us consistently impresses me. Their team of professionals demonstrates a deep understanding of our needs. I highly recommend ContentEpic for their outstanding service and expertise.

Will TribeSEO & Affliate Marketer

Video Types

1. Talking Head video with Actor

A real person is key to asserting your brand’s EEAT – Experience, Authority, Expertise, and Trust. With our videos, you’ll build credibility and authority in your niche with an actor, or a team of credible actors that your audience becomes familiar with.

2. Faceless video with voiceover

Videos in this format are perfect for brands that want to publish informative, topical, or sales centric content regularly and at scale.

These videos enable you to elevate your brand’s EEAT—Experience, Authority, Expertise, and Trust—via a credible voiceover that resonates with your audience.

3. Product Demos & Spec Descriptions

These videos are an excellent sales tool. They inform your audience, drive engagement, and boost conversion. Available with an actor or solely with a voiceover, they are highly scalable, and enable you to boost website rankings for products with the same keywords and search terms.

Product demos and descriptions are perfect for e-commerce site owners and affiliate marketers.

4. Educational Videos

Educational videos are tailored for brands in the EduTech space, online schools, course creators, and tutors that want to amplify their brand and elevate their online presence in what has become a highly competitive niche. These videos align with your brand guidelines and enable you to stand out amongst competition as a trustworthy and informative source. Embedding educational videos within the copy of your blog pages that target the same keywords is also a great way to boost your rankings for highly competitive search terms.

5. Digitised Blog Post Videos

Digitised blog posts offer website owners a competitive edge by optimising aged or new pages. By transforming blog articles into digital videos, we enhance your rankings while building our your brand and authority on YouTube and Google.

6. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are the gateway to building trust and authority for your brand. With so many false reviews online, video allows you to elevate your brand’s credibility and authority through authentic, compelling narratives shared by satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee that my videos will perform?

While we can’t promise specific performance metrics, we’re dedicated to crafting high-quality content optimized for engagement. Our team works closely with you to understand your audience, brand, and goals to create videos with the potential to resonate strongly. We’ve seen great success with many clients, but the performance ultimately depends on various factors, including audience reception and platform algorithms.

What happens if I don't like my script or video?

Client satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the script or video, we offer unlimited revisions. We collaborate closely with you throughout the process, ensuring your vision aligns with the final product. Our aim is to refine and adjust until we hit the mark that meets your expectations.

How long does it take you to create a video?

The timeframe for video production can vary based on several factors like video complexity, length, revisions, and client feedback. Typically, from the script approval stage to the finalized video, it might take around 2 working days for a standard video. However, we prioritize quality and will strive to accommodate urgent timelines whenever possible.

Why wouldn't I just hire my own team or freelancers?

While building an in-house team or hiring freelancers is an option, it often entails significant overhead costs, time spent on recruitment, management, and the potential challenge of finding specialized talents. With us, you gain access to a dedicated team of professionals experienced in video production, saving you time, resources, and the hassle of overseeing multiple contractors.

Do you make videos for TikTok and Instagram too?

Absolutely! In addition to YouTube, we specialize in crafting content tailored for TikTok and Instagram. Whether it’s shorts, engaging snippets, or captivating stories, our team can adapt your content to suit the unique requirements of these platforms, maximizing your reach and impact.