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Success Stories
Kids’ Entertainment

Key Stats: 1,200,000 highly targeted views over 2 years. Currently receiving 1,500 views per day

Over two years, we’ve curated an audience-driven approach for this client that amassed 1,200,000 highly targeted views. 

Presently, the channel receives a steady flow of 1,500 views per day. This is a testament to our audience engagement strategies and content that resonates within this niche. Through captivating storytelling and audience-centric content, we’ve cultivated a loyal viewership, sustaining consistent daily interaction and fostering a thriving community that creates consistent and recurring monthly Ad Revenue for this client.

We now curate all content plans for this client based on trending and topical searches within the niche. 

Our approach aligns with search intent and search volume, which ensures the content remains highly relevant, topical, and engaging.